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My name is Fulvio Sullini and I am the inventor of eazzzyrest.

Due to my job, I have always travelled a lot by plane, mainly in Europe and using low fare airlines. The best flights are always the ones in the early morning or in the evening/night, because they allow you to make full use of the day. However, days can become very long and taking a nap on the flight is just ideal whenever possible.

Low fare airlines do not offer many comforts; their seats do not have head side-flaps to lean on and are non-reclining. This makes it quite difficult to find a comfortable position to relax.

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One of the main problems that I found is that your head can fall aside when falling asleep; that prevents you from resting properly or, if you do manage to fall asleep, well...you will most probably wake up with a really painful neck. I tried the usual C shaped neck-rests, but I found them uncomfortable and useless to keep my neck stable in a natural position. Moreover, this type of neck-rest pushes your neck forward due to the space it takes between the neck itself and the seat, causing even more discomfort.

One day, after the umpteenth flight without sleep, I returned home with the firm intention to elaborate a solution for this problem. Being an engineer by education, I started designing my own head support. The main features I wanted my product to have were lightness, compactness, comfortable materials, flexibility to adapt to different seat types and high quality.

I therefore came up with the idea of a flat head-rest to be secured to the seat and on which some small side cushions could be attached. The final result I wanted to reach was to have a seat with adjustable side supports to lean my head on, so that it could rest comfortably whilst maintaining a natural neck and backbone posture.

After many prototypes and tests, finally in October 2019 the first batch of eazzzyrest head supports were launched to the market. 

The design I created is quite innovative as there is nothing similar on the market; to protect my idea and keep developing it and improving it, I decided to patent my solution. The logo and the name are based on a stylized version of the typical "ZZZ" sleeping comic. The decision to manufacture my product in the UK was taken to guarantee the high quality of the materials and of the manufacturing process together with the convenience of working with somebody based in my same country.

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Due to its flexible design, eazzzyrest can be used not only on planes, but also on trains, buses, cars, office chairs, recliners, etc.

Thanks to the gripper elastic band, eazzzyrest head supports can be easily secured to different seat widths; the integrated silicon lines ensure the elastic band does not slip on the seat edge so that the head support is always kept in a firm position. As the material is Velcro® receptive, the cushions’ position can be easily adjusted according to the preference of the user. 

Multiple accessories will be available in future, to make eazzzyrest your best and unique neck-resting solution.

I hope you like eazzzyrest and i wish you many safe and comfortable travels with it!

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