Travel Head Rest - eazzzyrest

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eazzzyrest is designed mainly to improve the ergonomics of passenger seats and to offer passengers an improved comfort while travelling by airplane, train, bus, car

It can also be used at home and in the office to offer better support for the head.

  • Adjustable and adaptable
  • Washable and hygienic (no direct contact between your head and potentially dirty/contaminated surfaces)
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Made in the UK, high quality
  • Compact design ( 15mm x 70mm x 15mm when folded and 30mm x 7mm x 15mm when unfolded) 
  • Light (only 150g!), foldable and easy to carry
  • Side cushions can be repositioned on the head pad or completely removed
  • Integrated gripper elastic band
  • It works on any type of seat provided that the passenger’s head is positioned within the two side cushions once the neckrest is secured to the seat
  • The product includes 1 headpad, 2 side cushions and 1 carry bag


Made in the UK with high quality materials


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eazzzyrest is a new travel accessory that distinguishes itself within the neckrest and travel pillow industry for its brand new and innovative design.

eazzzyrest is a neckrest than can be easily attached to the seat headrest, thus almost becoming part of the seat itself. Thanks to its design, it allows the passenger’s head to be supported by two comfortable and adjustable side cushions that prevent the head from falling sideways when asleep. This allows the neck muscles to relax, and the backbone to maintain its natural curvature, reducing the risk of potential neck pains caused by falling asleep in unnatural postures.

Sleep and rest are facilitated whilst making you feel more relaxed and comfortable, even on non-reclining seats.

eazzzyrest works on any type of seat provided that the passenger’s head is positioned within the two side cushions once the neckrest is secured to the seat.

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Ultra-light (only 150g), compact (approximately 15mm x 7mm x 15mm when folded and 30mm x 7mm x 15mm when unfolded), easy to carry thanks to its waterproof carry bag and reduced size, washable, high quality, adaptable, comfortable, made in the UK…eazzzyrest is not just a travel neckrest but also a solution to prevent the risk of your head being in direct contact with potentially dirty or contaminated surfaces.

For this reason and also thanks to the fact that eazzzyrest is a non-inflatable neckrest (which avoids the risk of potentially spreading any germs and bacteria to the surrounding environment during the neckrest deflation), eazzzyrest is also a very hygienic travel accessory.

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The neckrest head-pad (of approximately 300mm x 150mm) is entirely made with Velcro® receptive material (flame-retardant) and offers a clean, soft, comfortable and washable surface to lean your head on, avoiding any direct contact with potentially dirty or contaminated headrests.

The size of the neckrest head-pad offers enough surface to position the two side cushions according to the passenger’s preference and needs, thus giving an adaptable solution that can be customised on the spot for kids or for adults.

Made with high quality foam (flame-retardant) and covered with Velcro® receptive material (flame-retardant), the two side cushions of the neckrest are approximately 150mm x 70mm x 70mm and offer a very comfortable and soft surface to lean your head on. Thanks to the layer of Velcro® sewn on one of the four side faces, the cushions can be firmly attached anywhere on the head-pad surface in accord with the user's preferences. As the two side cushions can also be completely removed, eazzzyrest can also be used just as a protective and safety solution, to avoid any direct contact between the passenger’s head and any potentially dirty or contaminated surfaces.

The head-pad can be easily secured to the seat headrest using the anti-slip elastic band sewed at the two sides of the pad.

The silicon lines on the elastic band are in direct contact with the rear part of the seat headrest and with its side; with the elastic band properly tensioned, the silicon lines offer great grip, so that even when the seat headrest does not have a regular shape, the head-pad remains securely attached to the seat. Thanks to the ladder lock buckle, the elastic band length can be adapted to any headrest width.

eazzzyrest is the perfect solution for low fare airlines, where the seats generally have a very simple design with no folding side flaps and no tv screen. The elastic band, once wrapped around the seat, does not interfere with the tray on the rear side of the seat, so no annoyance is caused to the passenger behind.

With more elaborated seat designs, for increased comfort while sleeping with the seat reclined, eazzzyrest can be used simply by placing it between your head and the seat, with no need to wrap the elastic around the seat. Bear in mind it can be used without cushions too, as a simple and clean interface between your head and a potentially dirty or contaminated seat surface.

Take eazzzyrest with you anywhere you travel! The nylon bag, easily closable using the integrated cord and cord-lock, offers a simple and functional solution to store the product and to carry it with you anywhere you want. Its smooth surface, its rounded shape and its well-studied dimensions are ideal for a quick, easy and protected storage of the product. The carry bag can be also used to store other typical travel accessories, like eye masks, ear plugs, etc.

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